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Create resources to empower your school users

Many Appropriate Bodies want to share essential resources to help everyone through the process. That’s why we’ve created the ability to upload documents and links into ECT Manager so you can provide just that.

Want to provide guidance on core standards, assessment best practice, generic forms and documents etc? You can upload your information documents into ECT Manager. Want to provide key dates for the year, it sits comfortably in the resources section. Set resources to be exclusively available for individual users such as ECTs or Tutors, create a defined User Group or publish to all users. You have complete flexibility to get the information you want to deliver to the people who need to see it.

And you can provide useful web links too. Many Appropriate Bodies provide links to TRA pages, other educational websites and so on.

Whatever you want your ECTs, Tutors and Coordinators to have access to can be easily provided in ECT Manager.

ECT and Tutor document uploads

Just as you may want to share resources with ECTs and Tutors, it is also incredibly useful for them to share documents with you and each other. ECT Manager makes it easy for ECTs to upload example lesson plans and supporting evidence to support their induction progress. Tutors can share observations, meeting notes and so on and you can also add your meeting notes and example progress plans to make the process highly collaborative without any fuss.

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