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Changes to Statutory Induction

The two-year ECT-based induction will be rolled out nationally from September 2021.  The team at ECT Manager are busy planning the changes which will need to be made to the system to ensure our customers continue to meet the new Statutory Guidance.  This is due to be released by the Department for Education in Spring 2021.  

Our team will work with a number of larger Appropriate Bodies and Local Authorities to ensure that these changes meet the needs of our customers across the board.

This will result in a change to our pricing structure as we will need to implement new features and new system infrastructure to cope with what is required.  At the moment we do not have any further information on the new pricing structure, we will not know more until the Department for Education guidance is released.  We estimate the pricing structure will be published in June 2021.

We promise to continue to offer ECT Manager as a value for money platform to assist a busy Appropriate Body in the easy management of induction for all ECTs, however many there may be!

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